March 13, 2015

PIHGj3K4Y4DZuvT9xLPX018_EII_wuw62hpMrTthyGAYjK8W4-bnWe-8_NbQEsjLRNOKnrAstmmR6B2vCyQOHI_Fotor_Collage39mXIumuWuoKQOV0ORY9Aqd8WDe0wVNgo8HGKeAaoqQE3S0dn8_K1WHynskbJg_d4qdvBYqcxNFrDh8ctNnZDMa9QXKJaCiMTSWzr20WP8xk_CdvE_ZO_tkNxlr0gaLY0I am wearing a coat in March. To all my California friends I have to say it has been between 30-65 degrees (although 65 after below freezing temps has been glorious) but you know that that’s barely summer weather. I have been a child of Southern California for 5 years and that makes it hard for me to put my winter clothes up just yet. Transitioning slowly I call this and my next outfit post my “Disneyland looks”. I call them this because if California taught me anything it is that you layer. It may be 65 during the day walking around Disneyland and your having the time of your life but you best have a jacket handy for the firework show because you will freeze. Either way I am not complaining that the snow has melted because that means summer is getting closer!

For this outfit I am wearing a necklace by Indigenous Destiny Exhibit. I was approached by Destiny about her jewelry from her Asteroid II Collection and instantly fell in love with all of her amazing handmade pieces! Each of her pieces are truly a work of art and I am pretty blown away by her talent. I have been really into dressing up a simple outfit with a statement necklace, lately.

Necklace: Indigenous Destiny Exhibit // Jeans: Madewell // Shoes: Converse // Shirt: Thrifted Coat: ASOS // Photos By: Firm Anchor 

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  • The Kentucky Gent

    These temps are like heaven to me, and I’d be more than fine with them staying between 60-70s year round. BUT I will agree and say that I’m so glad the snow is finally all gone.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  • Bluebird the Truebird

    I think I am just a cold natured person haha. I really can’t wait for hot summer days!! It really feels like a load off to wear less clothes everywhere you go.