Bring on 2015

December 31, 2014

eKruzf2HgT5kq1QWHfRP-dVlzCa2k5zOeJDsKJsOmgMsOXE77C4mKIlmcHOw7hXrCyHyH6esFpp2foyBbbHSOMsYX0R9Gdzc06y5CnmXEZQREeMx878L9AcsvfqvgZmSI,mhjs2V6TV_nghnHwsNT9szuPaPQm7_VLGZaAWCdQkhg XTI4WtG4HDMKDz_vc9df7dQ5CbRH0qHwHJacEA1bwW4_Fotor_CollageGuBe9Xi381NiAgq5yv7cWOPksmdp90WUTrkPBoxNCEAEzHtDbFwktdPVuEb1trni6U5gy4mlauhDq2XCkT88REBpf_u1hH6QVp8QfhcGnWkweHrCNEF2v00XSwicznnLY2014 you have come and gone so fast and you have been one of my favorite years yet! For me 2014 was full of love and laughter, new adventures and growing as a women. I started 2014 in California and ended it living in Kentucky. The big move was emotional but I am so grateful to be around family again (I never feel like either California or Kentucky is too far away since they are both my home). In March I got engaged to my very best friend in beautiful Laguna Beach, California and it seriously was a dream. I visited new places, went to music festivals, maxed out my Disneyland pass, pick “the dress” and starting my fashion blog! As 2014 wraps up its so fun to reflect on this year and be so grateful for all God has given me. 2015 looks bright and exciting and I am ready! I can’t wait to marry my guy, move into a new home, watch my brother graduate high school, meet my expecting best friends babies, introduce KY to so many friends, reunite with loved ones, travel, laugh, love and learn new things. 2015 I’m coming for you!

xoxo Bluebird

 Milly Romper and Jacket: Clodhoppers //  Forever 21 Heels 

Brought to you by: Britney Dunbar stylist of Style me Perfect and J Michaels Salon and Spa 

Photos by: Firm Anchor

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  • the kentucky gent

    Love that jacket! so glad you landed in Kentucky for 2014, and that I’ve gotten the chance to get to know you. hope 2015 is promising for both of us.