February 18, 2015

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When I first saw this sweater, the black and white defiantly caught my eye. I picked this sweater up and contemplated getting it until someone told me it said “Boys/ Girls”. I don’t know why, but knowing what it said made me want it more all of a sudden. I guess maybe before I thought I would be wearing around a shirt that said something like, “I bought this shirt and I can’t read french”.

This past week, before the weather became frigid and I was a prisoner to my home for three solid days due to a foot of snow, I went out and enjoyed the day and took some photos for my blog. Being a fashion blogger and a girl, I have just been thinking how much work it takes to get myself together. I love clothes and I am constantly putting together outfits in my head and crunching numbers for when I can go out and buy the next thing I ‘have’ to have. To be honest, moving back from sunny California to my first real winter in Kentucky in a few years has really made me want to hibernate.

I guess I think to myself if I were a boy getting up would be so much easier and take soooooo much less time.  This weather does not encourage me to want to get up and look fashionable everyday. It’s not that I think boys lives are so much easier but when you don’t have to do the whole make-up routine and prepare a mane of hair you can just get ready faster. I wear makeup maybe twice a week and only pick out a good outfit when I have somewhere to be. Lets be real, its going to be -8 when I go to work in the morning all I care about is being warm!

In summary of this rant: I am ready for summer! Oh sweet barefoot running in a field, late nights, and cold drinks by the pool summertime. I want to leave my house without a million items of clothing weighing me down. I want to be out in the real world more than I want to be cuddled up next to the fireplace. Counting down the days until it is my favorite season again because winter has kicked my girly little butt this year.

Sweater: Madewell // Zac Posen Sunglasses: Kenmark Eyewear // Jeans (similar here): Madewell // Shoes: Jeffery Campbell

Photos By: Firm Anchor

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  • The Kentucky Gent

    OH SO SO SO ready for Summer.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent