Blue Haze

November 8, 2014

TJ0c62Y4-pom233mcZcN0uzvlmrYIfad27LDwaDXrIA UeBRy476pTetHT4pkt79QpE9_g99sIBAxvR9CWQ77Tg hqcSEnm91V9MT66j0p3xw7mPJn0XPhFo0qBSMqSyr98 vCmlTuCGs9GOdX73aN_7tKM2IK9ZjkQS6bUdEOpUNSEFuzzy sweaters remind me of everything that was good in the 90’s. If it was my choice we would all still dress like we were in the 90’s, but since we don’t a modern take is never a bad idea. This outfit is seriously so warm (you would think not since my legs are uncovered but the top half makes up for it, trust me). This long sleeve dress under this sweater is perfect for cold weather!!! This outfit deserves mentioning becauseĀ I literally put it together in record time. I said BAM cute sweater. BAM dress that matches. Lets go! I threw my hair up in this top knot and didn’t even look in the mirror. The beauty of it all is somedays it just works out and those days are rare and worth documenting. Sometimes I look in the mirror FOREVER and my hands start cramping because I can’t get the perfect top-knot. If only everyday was this easy and my top knot could always be effortlessly cool and messy.

Photos By: Firmanchor // Sweater: Glamorous // Dress: Glamorous // Shoes: Madewell





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  • Mama j

    LOVE IT!!

  • The kentucky gent

    love your hair up like this! That corner on longest is too cute.