July 28, 2015

For officially one month Dale and I have been calling each other “husband” and “wife”. It feels so Wright (pun intended) to call him my husband and it’s silly how excited it makes me. Titles mean a lot in relationships because it defines where you are at. People always ask me, “when did you know you wanted to marry him?”. From the beginning, in my gut, I knew Dale was the one and it scared the @#$%^ out of me only being 19. When I knew I was ready to marry him though was when the title of boyfriend seemed like it wasn’t magnificent enough to describe what he was to me.

From the very beginning of our friendship there was a natural progression in our relationship. I knew I was going to date Dale when introducing him as “my friend” felt like a lie. Then from there he became my boyfriend and that title stuck and felt right for a few years. I remember so well when ‘boyfriend’ felt wrong. I was talking to my friend Holly and told her, “today I introduced Dale as my boyfriend and it just felt so insignificant because we are way too close for him to be defined by that title”. Then I looked at her almost laughing because I had an ‘ah ha’ moment and said, “wow I really think I need to be his fiance now”.

I enjoyed having a long engagement because I felt like we really got to enjoy that season of our life. I loved telling everyone how he popped the question and talking about wedding decor with friends. However, as the wedding day approached I felt the same feeling with all the other milestones; I needed Dale to be my husband. I would lay in bed at night and think how I didn’t want to go another day without him being my husband.

Looking at the Bible it always made sense to me why husband and wife is such a powerful term. However, I understand it more now in a way that I can’t describe. I felt this sensation all week long on our honeymoon when saying, “It will be my husband and I”, “Oh, my husband”, “Dale and Nicole Wright”, “Wright for two”. It just reminded me that we are really a family now. After the ‘when the heck did I become an adult?’ shock wore off, it was just so exciting to tell the world this was my person. It was like I was declaring to everyone that we picked each other out of all the other people to hang out for life. You know the part in the movie Bridesmaids when Annie is talking to the newlyweds and they are all obnoxious and giddy:

“Becca: This is my husband, Kevin.
Annie: Hi.
Kevin: Hi.
Becca: Husband. I like to say it. We’re newlyweds.
Annie: Oh, wow! Congratulations.
Becca: Thank you so much. We went on a sweetheart honeymoon.
Annie: Where did you guys go?
Becca and Kevin: Disney World.
Annie: Oh!
Becca: We finish each other’s sentences. Sorry!”

Basically, that is us. We LOVE love and we are not afraid to tell everyone. Hints “Wifey” written across my shirt. Happy one month of marriage to us!


xoxo Bluebird

Photos by: Ch.25 // Shirt: ILY Couture // Shoes: Jeffery Campbell // Purse: Gucci // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban 

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