Stand Still

March 27, 2015





What an exciting week it has been! Last weekend was so jam packed I have been exhausted this entire week and I am really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. This past weekend was FILLED with so many wedding activities like finalizing our cupcakes, my dress alteration, checking out venue space for decor, purchasing crafts and the list goes on. We are in full blown wedding season with only 92 days, which is exactly 3 months left until the wedding. I couldn’t be more excited. The best thing this past week was that one of my best friends (who is also the photographer of these lovely pictures you see above and most all my blog photos) gave birth to her first born son, Hobbes.

Seeing my first really close friend become a mommy was such a surreal feeling. Like I said this weekend was jam packed so as I was running around doing wedding stuff I had my phone by my side to keep tabs on Ashley’s labor status. What perfect timing it was that right after dinner Ashley was ready for Dale and I to come to the hospital to wait out the final hours before baby Hobbes arrival. Ash was nothing but glamorous, not only through her entire pregnancy, but also literally at 9.5 cm 30 minutes before pushing. We snapped pictures with her and I got to pray over her before leaving her side.

Before we left the room I felt such a flood of emotion. Do you ever have one of those moments were time kind of stops and you just really take it all in? This wasn’t even my baby being born and I felt such a connection to the situation. There was a moment were I looked at Dale sitting on the couch in her room with his shorts, tank top and backwards hat on (my FAVORITE look of his) and I saw my dad. Time stopped and there was my dad sitting on the couch 24 years ago in the home video of me being born. I saw my dad in his stylish pink tank top and short shorts (just like Dale because my dad had the best 90’s style) sitting with my aunts and uncles laughing and holding me for the first time. I sat there and took it all in for a moment. Ashley was having her baby and here we were now 24 years later just like my parents but this time we were the adults. It was like my world stood still and i was watching one of my best friends begin a new season for all of us. Here I am this weekend altering my wedding dress and rushing off to the hospital to meet my friends baby! Where does the time go?

Life is so sweet. Life is such a beautiful blessing and I want to have so many more of these stand still moments. I have always tired to take the advice every adult gives and that is, “enjoy it now because it all goes by so fast”. I have tried to embrace every season from high school, college, dating Dale, now being engaged to Dale and soon being his wife. I just want to stand still in all these sweet moments with the people I love.

Photos By: Firm Anchor // Shirt: Brandy Melville // Bralette: Urban Outfitters // Hat: Carhart // Jeans: Madewell // Jacket: H&M

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  • Rachel Thompson

    This made me teary. Im so excited to watch you and Dale get married and start a family one day. Life is so sweet and fun!!

    • Bluebird the Truebird

      Aww Rach I am glad you liked it! I felt really emotional writing it. Life is so fun! I love that I have friends like you to share it with.

  • The Kentucky Gent

    I saw a friend give birth in high school – it’s definitely an experience.

    Love the details on that bralette!

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  • Joyfully Redeemed

    It is so true, those stand still moments ARE the ones remembered in our lives. You and Dale reminded me of our stand still moment when we had our outdoor wedding, vowing our love and lives to each other. Love is a great gift from God that we get to enjoy with that special person(s) in our life.