Showered with Love

April 30, 2015

This past Sunday, my sweet momma hosted a bridal shower for me! It’s hard to believe that the long wait to be married is coming to an end with only 58 days left until I am MRS. WRIGHT! Having the shower this weekend made everything seem so real and got me soooo excited for the big day as all my Kentucky friends and family gathered to shower me in love. The shower was located at a local winery and my mom did the best job of incorporating that into the decor. One of my favorite things were the cute cupcakes with grapes and wine bottles that had “N+D” written on them. You could tell that my mom really spent so much time and put so much effort into every little detail to make everything look so good!


It’s really hard to put into words how thankful I am for the shower this past weekend. Every part in the planning of a wedding is, in my opinion, so much fun! I have really tried to stress as little as possible and take every bit of it in. On Sunday, I felt so thankful for all the people I have around that love and support my relationship with Dale. We really do have the biggest cheerleaders. My heart is always torn on days like this, though, because when you live in two states, you will always be missing someone. The absence of my other four bridesmaids and Dales mom did not go unnoticed. I felt the love from afar from almost everyone wishing they could be there. It really is crazy that in less that 60 days my California people will get a taste of the South and I CANNOT WAIT!


My bridesmaids that live in Kentucky are Ashley and Amanda. They helped my mom with the shower by doing the games. They arranged a game where they sent both Dale and I questions before the shower about ourselves. With the answers we came up with they made a quiz for the guest to figure out, “Who Said It?”. My favorite was: ” This person has too many _____?” Answer: Cute Qualities. Who said it: Dale (not many know how big of a softy he really is). After they quizzed the guest it was time to quiz me! I was asked a set of questions about Dale and everyone I got wrong I had to put a huge piece of gum in my mouth. I only missed 4/10 pretty hard questions (example: how much did Dale weigh when he was born?). Secretly I wish I had missed more because obviously the more you miss the funnier it is.2HFsiGkLMXkHZNX48zA72irbDcMGc7Vpp43Ju6u1wtg_Fotor_CollagekYCNYNmDOmO1bURNOsipWNVgKwwOytJ09tz16LQX3v8

After the games, it was gift time! I really was NOT expecting to get the gifts we got. Not only were we showered with so many gifts for our home, we also received so many thoughtful gifts. From sweet notes, vintage glasses, hand made pillow cases, a picnic basket for a date night, and also gifts for myself like lingerie and a gift certificate to get my nails done, its easy to say I felt the love. DvCd3jxLUiDqObcyPdfV2utdoCjRn8yP1nEx7StMsEoqzmH7J0DxGb0GKsU3by1XZpK5QvIB760_n6nCRFypeQpWhU8Y6JUTmq-mXJWO8UQ7e5pNYYyI-ByxX2wWWYYrAThank you to everyone near and far for making Dale and I feel so loved. We cannot wait to unpack and use all of the great gifts in our new home. I love the fact that, although these are just material items to make a house a home, they are also gifts gifted to me by people I love. For years to come as I use these items day to day, I can think of this special day.

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  • Rachel Thompson

    Love this so much. The day was perfect. Your mom did such a great job. I’m so excited for you and dale and seriously can’t wait for your wedding day!! Love you!