My Pregnancy!

February 28, 2017

In honor of baby’s due date quickly approaching, I have decided to answer a few questions about the last few months and share some more details of what pregnancy has been like for me.

Q & A:

Q:  Why did you wait to find out the gender?

A: This was Dale’s idea before I jumped on board. He thought that it would be so fun to come out of the delivery room and announce “it’s a ___!!!” to everyone. We are honestly both 50/50 for team boy or girl. We both want each. People keep asking me what I think we are having. My answer is always,”I seriously have no idea”. I keep thinking I have no idea because I want both so bad I don’t feel swayed in any specific direction. I am so looking forward to the moment in the delivery room when they announce what baby is and Dale and I can look at each other with excitement. It has been well worth the wait.

Q: Did you have morning sickness?

A: YES! From around week 7-14. I got sick every single morning which isn’t awful when you don’t have anything in your belly. There were a few weeks when I would get sick, especially driving in a car after eating, and have to pull over, that was the worst! There was a point I sat on the bed and cried to Dale (thank you pregnancy hormones) saying, “am I going to be sick forever? I will be the worst mom because the baby is going to come and I’ll just be throwing up all the time”. In the moment, after weeks of sickness, it feels like it really may never end. Then, one day it does and you barely remember how awful it was, because you’re so excited to meet baby!

Q: Did you get any stretch marks? What did you do to avoid them?

A: So far, so good. I have a max of 3 weeks left so I am praying they don’t make a surprise appearance at the end. I have religiously used Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter and Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil together from my breast down to my butt. Then I use a regular drugstore lotion for the inside of my legs down to my toes. I do this every single time I take a bath or shower.

Q: Do you have names picked out?

A: We do. We have a boy name and a girl name but we are keeping them a secret! We are so excited to announce the gender and then the name to the world. We have asked family and friends after they find out not to post or share until we do. We have waited 9 long months to share and we cannot wait!!

Q: Total weight gain and how do you plan on losing the weight?

A: So far I have gained 29 pounds as of 38 week doctors apt, yesterday. I plan to take it easy for at least 6 weeks and the doctor releases me. After that, I will start slowly with walks and yoga. I am in no hurry but I do like being active to feel healthy.

Q: How did you stay healthy during the pregnancy?

A: During pregnancy, I have walked and done prenatal yoga. I started out being able to do so much more and then by the end obviously I have cut back as my body has told me to do so. I can now only make one little loop around the neighborhood before it’s time to sit down. Doing just that however, makes a huge difference for me since I sit at a desk all day. Also, prenatal yoga 2 times a week (honestly not as much towards the end) really helped me not feel so tired and sore.

Q: Do you like being pregnant?

A: I do! I have really tried to focus on the positive instead of complaining. No woman feels 100% full term but I feel so blessed to have this baby inside me and that’s what I focus on. Obviously, I get sore and cranky but I have learned a few tricks that help me as the day goes on. One recently has been not eating too much for dinner. If I chow down too much my belly is tight and my indigestion is insane. Pushing my plate back at the right time really helps me sleep better at night.

Q: Did you have any cravings/foods that grossed you out?

A: I craved citrusy things in the first/second trimester. I loved lemonade, greek salads, and lemon water. I craved lemon water. Now it has evened out and I haven’t craved too much beside chocolate at bedtime. So according to wives tales who knows what this baby is?! Smells grossed me out in the beginning. Also, a few meals made me literally sick so I haven’t been able to eat those since (aka chick fil a chicken salad).

Q: Do you plan to breastfeed?

A: Yes I do. Dale and I took a breast feeding class and read a book on it. I am thankful for him, my mom, and other mommy friends that I know will make the community we need to be able to do so successfully.

Q: How did you tell Dale you were pregnant?

A: He was in the bathroom when I peed on the stick. We were trying and I got to the final day of waiting to take the test. He had work at 5:00 am so we got up at 4 to take the test. I was half asleep and peed on the stick and handed it to him. I thought it would take a minute or two to show up. Before I even could pull my pants up Dale look at me and said “Co there is a line! Wow should we take another to be sure”. We couldn’t believe it.

Q: What scares you the most about motherhood?

A: In the first few weeks with a newborn I am just scared to know how to do everything. I feel like there is so much to know and it can seem so overwhelming. I just want to be the best I can be for this little babe.

Q: Has being pregnant changed the relationship with your husband?

A: Yes in the best way. I tell Dale all the time I am surprised I find myself loving him more and more everyday. He has taken extremely good care of me through the entire pregnancy without me even having to ask. I just feel so connected to him because I know I couldn’t do this without him. Dale has always been so unselfish and loving to me but it has been amplified so much in the past few months with him taking care of me. Also, the joy he shows just talking about being  a dad makes me love him so much. I think my heart will probably burst when I see him interact with our baby.

Q: What are you most looking forward to on the day of baby’s arrival?

A: Knowing everything about them finally! I just want to know what baby’s gender is, what their name is, who they look like and their little personality.



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