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September 16, 2015

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A new trend for couples getting married is to have a “first look”. Tradition says that you shouldn’t see the bride before she walks down the aisle.  Because of that tradition Dale and I had a hard time deciding whether or not a first look was for us.

(Just in case you didn’t know,  some of our best friends Ashley and Ben from Firm Anchor Photography took our photos. ) Ash was in my wedding party and has been one of my best friends since high school.  When we sat down with Ash to talk about our photos she shared with us why a first look can be  right fit for a couple.

– More photos

– Eased nerves

– Time alone in the midst of all the chaos

We really did get so many more pictures because we decided to see each other before. Also, all of the wedding party photos were finished before the ceremony. That way we could take more photos after we were married and our guests didn’t have to wait for an hour or two after the ceremony to be able to begin the reception and enjoy their dinner. The first look made the evening easier for us, because it removed initial shock from the aisle to a private moment between us, and it made the reception more enjoyable for our guests.

If you can’t tell from all the photos I was pretty emotional the entire day. Many of our friends who did “first looks” told us that seeing each other before the ceremony wouldn’t take away from seeing each other when you walk down the aisle. I didn’t believe it until I was actually walking down the aisle and saw the look on Dale’s face. I loved doing a “first look” because I got two reactions from Dale that day which I will never forget.  It was like seeing him for the first time twice. When we did our “first look” his reaction was wide eyed and accompanied with a huge grin as he told me how beautiful I was, and how excited he was to marry me. His second reaction was more emotional as he watched me walk down the aisle towards him.

P.S. I threw in some photos of my Dads reaction to seeing me in my wedding dress for the first time, ugh all the feels…my Dad is normally such a tough guy but he crumbled when he walked through the door.
N+D Getting Ready-98 N+D Getting Ready-99 N+D Getting Ready-100 N+D Getting Ready-101 N+D Getting Ready-103N+D Getting Ready-112 N+D Getting Ready-113


Photos By: Firm Anchor

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