I can’t help falling in love with you

January 27, 2015


Today marks 5 years of dating Dale. Five years ago today Dale took me hiking through the woods and when we reached this beautiful little pond he looked at me and gave me a speech of how he would take care of me and asked, “will you be my girlfriend?”. Honestly, it all seemed like a fairy tale but I was 19 and scared out of my mind. I said yes because guys like Dale don’t come around everyday, little did I know I would fall so very hard for him.

1934189_1157587698796_5439663_n(This was the first picture that Dale and I took together in the ‘Loop’ at school doing homework)

Dale and I met in college in 2009 during my first year at Life Pacific College. The first time I saw him I thought he was so cool. He drove up in a little yellow  Volkswagen beetle to campus and started unloading his stuff into his dorm. There was just something about him that I thought radiated ‘coolness’, he was so casually cool. Dale never cared what people thought and he was such an individual. The first time we spoke was at an event called Broomball, which was a game you play at the ice skating ring. Dale showed up in a t-shirt and huge gloves with no coat. He took off his glove and shook my hand. We both remember this moment so well. He says, “I remember your hands were so small”. 16966_1216320047109_4723128_n(Dale and I in his little Volkswagen Beetle on the way to Disneyland)

After meeting Dale and I started hanging out with the same group of people and became good friends. We spent many nights just sitting outside talking about life. We would go on late night In-N-Out and Donut man runs. After Christmas break Dale convinced me to get a Disneyland pass for the first time. He would tell me he invited all these people to go and then they would all “mysteriously” bail at the last minute. This would then turn our group trip to Disneyland into a “date”. I was honestly oblivious that Dale liked me more than a friend until one night at In-N-Out I stole his phone and saw a text he had sent a friend about me. After that I remember going back to the dorms and talking to my friends Ali and Ashley who were not surprised and all about the situation. Ali played Abba’s “take a chance on me” loudly through the quad and proclaimed that if I didn’t date Dale one of them would because I would be crazy not to! I was nervous to turn a perfect friendship into a relationship. I would learn later that being his friend first was the best thing I could have done.74804_1668461919840_719477_n(Our first Halloween as a couple in 2010)

In the summer of 2010 Dale made his first trip to KY. I still remember picking him up from the airport and going to Cracker Barrel for him to meet my family. I know it was so intimidating for him to go across the country to meet his girlfriends parents. On that trip I remember sitting in the passenger seat and Dale stopped the car and looked at me and said “hey I need to tell you something… nevermind”. We kept driving until we reached my house and he turned and looked at me again. This time when he looked at me with such an incredibly nervous look and said, “I love you.” It’s weird how well I remember this moment. I remember it was so sweet and soft how he said it. I hugged him so very tight and took the longest pause (which probably scared him) and whispered back “I love you too”. Something about that moment just felt so peaceful.

36384_1370625024596_6992734_n(One of Dale’s first visits to KY we road tripped to Ohio for a wedding)

Dale and I have had many crazy and fun adventures in the past 5 years. Dale came to KY many times while we lived in CA to visit my family. We traveled to Florida, Ohio, the Bahamas, Disneyworld, and Tennessee together. Dale ran a marathon and I performed in many play and film productions. We both graduated college and started our careers. we went to many dance parties, late night drives and adventures in LA. We spent countless hours at Disneyland (I would actually love to know how many days I have spent there).  We recently made a cross country move and have started planning our wedding.

67760_4269490373617_151760220_n_Fotor_Collage(Dale and I at two different LPC dances) 

In exactly 5 months Dale and I will become husband and wife. Saying that I am excited is an understatement! I have NEVER been more excited or sure about something in my entire life. I feel so lucky to experience this once in a lifetime type of love. Words honestly cannot describe how much fun it is to do life with Dale. He is my support system and very best friend! I am so thankful for this journey I am on with him. Each and every love story is different and unique. For me what is unique is that we have gained the biggest group of cheerleaders from friends and family over the years. When I think of my favorite memories with Dale they aren’t always us alone. I have the best memories of family vacations, the most epic dance parties at friends houses, group trips to Disneyland, Canoli Christmas’s, cut throat mafia parties (Dale and I had our first kiss at one) birthday parties, our engagement party and so much more. I cannot wait to celebrate the beautiful covenant we are about to make with God with all of my favorite people! Without the support of all our loved ones Dale and I wouldn’t be able to be as strong as we are today. 151 days until I am Mrs. Wright… but I mean who is counting, right?!


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