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DIY Industrial Hanging Light

April 6, 2016
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Slowly but surely our house is starting to feel home-like. I feel like I always have something in queue for our next house project. This past week Dale and I made this Industrial hanging light for our kitchen. Lights can be so expensive but by doing this as a DIY project we saved so much money (lights like this online typically were upwards of $300). After everything was said and done it was no more than $150.

Dale and I searched EVERYWHERE for a hanging light fixture and even considered just getting the parts off of Etsy and making one ourselves. Thankfully my dad stepped in and advised us that it would be smart and essential to have a “UL listed” light fixture, because if you wire and create a fixture yourself and for example somehow there is an electrical fire, or a fire of any means you could put yourself at risk of fault (with your homeowners insurance) for not having a listed light (that’s my daddy the home builder in him looking out for us). So having decided to play it safe, and months of searching and contemplating we purchased this ceiling light from Home Depot (click here). 
imageThis project is so easy! After purchasing the light for $69 all you need is the products above and the pieces to assemble the bar below. Please forgive my lack of pictures of the parts before assembled. Dale got so excited and started working on the project before I got home from work. I came home and said “oh no we needed to take pictures of that”. #bloggerlife hahaha.  You get the idea of it though. imageAll the industrial bar parts can be found at Home Depot or Lowes in the plumbing section. We decided to buy degreaser, since the bars have a film on them before painted. We bought a spray bottle and used an old wash cloth to wipe them down. After wiping down and assembling all the pieces we sprayed the bar with a coat of primer, and then paint.
imageAfter the coat of primer we sprayed the bar with Rust-Oleum oil brushed bronze and let it dry over night.
image imageTogether, my dad and Dale hung the light. They centered the bar with the ceiling over our sink and used screws to mount it into the ceiling. The tricky part about hanging this is they did have to get in the attic to insure they were mounting it to the studs in the ceiling. They also had to install cross braces to the studs so there was enough solid wood for the bar to hang from.
imageAfter the bar was in place they hung the light and we wrapped the cords around the bar (with a little help from my mom on bulb placement). The cords on this light are a rope material so they easily wrap around the bar. imageWe love our new light! The vintage style bulbs give off a warm glow to the kitchen while also providing more than adequate lighting for cooking and cleaning. Previously we had a generic “boob” light which this fixture replaced. Let me know if you try out this DIY!

xoxo, Bluebird

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  • Nigel Jewell

    Hi Nicole. Nice idea! What diameter pipe did you use here? 3/4″? Thanks, Nige.