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Arrow’s First Birthday

April 6, 2018


I am so excited to finally share the images from Arrow’s first birthday. We had so much fun showering our little boy with love. He had so much fun! From the time the first guest walked in to the very last person left he was all smiles. The entire party he just kept cheering and clapping his hands, it was the cutest thing ever! A moment I will never forget is Dale and I kneeling by his side as we looked forward and saw all his family and friends singing Happy Birthday to our big one year old. It made me cry seeing him smile ear to ear and cheer for everyone singing to him. He is the sweetest baby boy and he is so incredibly loved.

A few weeks before his party I was feeling overwhelmed with party planning and emotional about the big day approaching. I decided to sit down and write a letter to my soon to be One year old:

Happy 1st Birthday Arrow,

It is a little less than two weeks until your birthday and until today I think I was in denial that you were turning One. It has almost been one whole year that I have known your name.  One whole year of knowing all the things that make you  you. You are everything I could have dreamed up and more. You have truly given me the best year of my life. Before I met you, moms I know told me cliche things like, “you have never known this kind of love” or “it’s a love that feels like your heart is walking outside of your chest”. I have listened to your own Mimi tell me these things about motherhood for so long but it didn’t really make sense until recently.

Since the day that we brought you home our lives have been so full. We are so in love with who you are. I love your wild, laid back, adventurous, brave, kind and friendly soul. For someone so new to this world I have to say I haven’t met a person like you in my lifetime. I see so much of your dad and I in you. Yet, you are so uniquely you. You bring so much joy to our lives. I feel like I have known you a lifetime yet it feels like you were just born yesterday.

I have had the amazing privilege of staying home with you this year. I have been able to witness nearly every moment and milestone of your life so far and it has become my life’s greatest blessing. Watching you grow has been the most bittersweet feeling of my existence. You are more interesting with every day that passes, and while I’m always the most in love with the stage you are in, I know it only gets better from here.

Ro, I am so thankful for how you have changed my life. I will never be the same. You made me a mommy. You made me selfless. You have made me patient in ways I never knew I could be.

When I think of the type of person  you will be in the future, I imagine you strong, confident, silly, and so friendly. The one thing I pray over you almost every night and the one thing I pray you will be is “kind”. I pray that no matter what you do in life that you would show kindness and love to everyone around you. I pray that God would equip me to be a mother that could model kindness and love to you each and everyday.

I am almost 365 days into this mom thing and I found myself crying in the shower this afternoon and telling your dad as he stood in the bathroom with me, “I just don’t know if he will ever know how much I love him”. The week you were born your dad and I were overwhelmed with love and emotions. What surprised us was not just the love we felt for you those first few weeks but also the overwhelming love and gratitude we felt for our own mothers. Sobbing in the shower I wanted you to know now my love for you. I needed you to know how much I care. One day you would become a dad and you will understand it all. Our love for you will become full circle. You will understand how fiercely we love you. I promise you there will be not a day that goes by that you don’t know I love you! Happy FIRST Birthday!!!

Things I don’t want to forget about you this year:

  • The way you pull on your sleeve when you suck on your paci
  • How we used to call you “vampy babe” when you were first born and learning how to nurse because you moved your head side to side really quick
  • That you love dogs and hate cats. Your first animals noise was “woof”. When we go to the park you wave at all the dogs and tell them “woof”.
  • That you are a natural born explorer. You started walking at nine months and haven’t sat still since. Every time we open a door you come running full speed.
  • How instead of crying you hum a lot of times.
  • How every morning we bring you into our bed and you love to cuddle with us.
  • Your love for music. When you were really small it would make you stop crying and put you to sleep. Now anytime you hear music you start to clap and dance.
  • The way you squeal when you are happy or excited.

xoxo, mama

Photos by: Firm Anchor

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